Factors and conditions required to grow Ghost Peppers.

Factors and conditions required to grow Ghost Peppers.

Factors and conditions required to grow Ghost Peppers.


There are a variety of factors that determine the growth of Ghost Peppers,the important factors however are hot and sunny weather conditions with a soil temperature of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 27 degrees Celcius. The soil temperature should never be more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit or 32 degrees and one of the ways to keep the soil intact is to grow them in raised garden beds.

Assam due to its tropical hot climate along with a long warm season id favourable for the growth of Ghost peppers and that explains the fact that ghost peppers occur naturally in the habitat of Assam. The growing period of a ghost pepper is about 4-6 months and Assam’s climate with intense heat and longer warm months are quiet favourable.

Even though the climatic conditions of Assam are quiet favourable for the growth of Ghost Peppers naturally it can also be grown at home. To grow them at home one has to ensure that the plants are planted in well drained soil with a minimum distance of two to three feet between two pepper plants. A minimum capacity of three to five gallons are required if the pepper plants are grown in containers at home. A full size pepper plant is about four feet tall.

Watering of the pepper plants should be done at least twice a week in case of inadequate rainfall and is to be kept minimum. Over-watering the plants are strictly prohibited and to determine if your plants need water or not you can use the technique where you check whether the two inches of the soil is wet or not. If not than do not water. To help your pepper plants to grow healthy fertilizers rich in potassium and low in nitrogen are hugely recommended.  The use of Epsom salt is also recommended in case of magnesium deficiency.



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