Ghost Pepper Mojito Recipe

Ghost Pepper Mojito Recipe

Ghost Pepper Mojito


Summers are around the corner and there is nothing like a cool refreshing mojito to help you beat the heat of the summers and also leave you with its awesome burst of flavors inst it?.Well,we have got you covered with this amazing Ghost pepper Mojito with some sprite/soda,a hint of spice from the Ghost pepper ,some lime and mint.Just follow the simple steps ahead.



  • A glass of sprite/soda
  • Lemon wedges
  • Lemon juice (as per taste)
  • A small cut piece of ghost pepper if you don’t have the fresh ones you can use a pinch of the Flavaa Ghost chilli powder instead .
  • 5-6 mint leaves
  • Sugar syrup if you are using plain soda
  • And some ice.

How to make the Mojito -

  • Take a glass of your choice add 5-6 mint leaves ,lemon wedges, a small piece of the freshly cut Ghost pepper if you don’t have the fresh ones add a pinch of the Flavaa Ghost chilli powder instead ,some lime juice of about half a lemon(feel free to add juice of a whole lemon if you like the flavour of lemon in your mojito) ,sugar syrup if using plain soda. If using Sprite skip this step.
  • Now using a spoon or crusher crush these ingredients in the glass so that they release their flavour and come together. But please make sure not to press them too hard ,one just needs to press them with the crusher and slightly twist it.
  • After the second step add some ice in the glass and top it up with Sprite/soda.
  • Serve the Mojito with a wedge of lemon some mint leaves at the top.


Enjoy this cool yet spicy mojito during the summers and do let us know whether you enjoyed this sweet chilli drink.As a word of caution please do not add more than a tiny piece of a freshly cut ghost pepper to your mojito and if using the Flavaa Ghost Chilli powder a pinch would suffice.

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